Art Has always been the area which excited me most in life, starting in my earler years  at school. In my teens it was the one lesson I didn't want to end, but on leaving school and starting work, art wasn't an area people in my position pursued, so I got a apprenticeship as a Toolmaker at a local factory. I didn't even know what the job entailed. Fourteen years  later I gained the courage to leave and try something new. Next three years was spent Contract Engineering in mainly food factories where I met someone who was doing what I wanted to do, he was at Art College. As all  through this period I had tought my self to paint and and made sculptures it seemed the most natural thing to stop and start again, so I enrolled on a foundtion course where I decided to pursue working in ceramics. This got me onto a degree course at Cardiff which I completed in 2001.

On completeing my degree I set up my studio and also worked at Hereford College of Arts running the ceramic department. This is where I cemented my knowledge of my chosen practice as I was solving problems for students working in different ways to myself.  Also developing my own skills and understanding art I wanted to produce. After four years there I worked part time, for three years, at the Royal National College for the Blind teaching Ceramics Foundation and  Art and Design. Again this was a period of growth for me personally and as an artist, as well being an incredibly rewarding job.
My work is shown regularly At the Affordable Art Fairs at Hampstead, Battersea and Bristol represented by Greenstage Gallery. It has also been shown at the Affordable Art Fair New York. It is stocked in galleries around the country from Glasgow to London and abroad.
It is housed in many collections around the world form the Cayman Islands to Holland and the USA to Australia, with such esteemed collectors as Sir Roy Srong who curated the V&A and National Portrait Gallery, Helen Bremer (Holland) who curates, critiques and writes about art and John Allen FRCA.
I have awards form my time at college to exhibitions, such as The Open Ceramic Exhibition at the RBSA (Potclays award) and have featured in publications 25 Beautiful Homes, Ceramic review, 500 Ceramic Figures 2nd Edition, Evening Metroe. Living Ect, Home and Gardens and more.